Aspire's CE5 is a bottom fed clearomiser to rival Kangertech's EVOD.

Similarities to the EVOD include the 1.6ml capacity and oval viewing windows in the metal bodied versions.
These tanks differ in the fact that they have a removable drip tip/mouth piece, which is goo for catching some of the unused vapour.

CE5s also have two differen't types of coil available for use right away:
The BVC Coil is a Bottom Vertical Coil and BDC Coil is a bottom Dual Coil. This means you can take advantage of the capabilities (basically more vapour and more flavour) of a dual coil tank without having to upgrade.

As with the EVOD, these tanks are inexpensive and easily replaced, but at the same time they offer a certain sturdiness and can be a good option if you don't want to shell out mega bucks every time you drop your vape! The clear and grey options on offer here are actually plastic bodied verions, for those of you who prefer to see more of what's going on with your liquid levels.

CE5s will fit any standard Ego thread battery, such as Manual Batteries and EMOW Batteries.

Using a tank with standard coils above one ohm resistance with a larger capacity battery will greatly increase time between charges due to the lower demand on the battery cell. Usually use of an Ego thread tank such as this one, with a Mod will require an ego/510 thread converter. In some cases these are supplied with the Mod body.

All CE5 Tanks are fitted with a 1.8 Ohm BVC coil as standard.
If you purchase a bundle of 5, I'll send them in various colours. Do feel free to get in touch or leave a note on your order with preferences.

CE5 tanks are also available in complete starter kit bundles Here.