Welcome to the world of Vaping!

Electronic cigarettes have been an ever growing part of our culture for more than a decade now. Their use is wide-spread, with millions of users across the country and worldwide switching from traditional cigarettes at an accelerating rate.

Although you are responsible for making up your own mind on the matter, Public Health England (a government agency who aim to protect and improve the nation's health and well being, whilst reducing health inequalities) were quoted in August 2015 as saying that "ecigarettes are 95% safer than using tobacco". That's good enough for me. I personally believe electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative, having used them to stop smoking for more than three years.

The one thing I would urge people to understand - there are reliable sources for ecig products. I would like to think that I am one of them as all the products on my website are purchased directly from the original manufacturers. You should be wary of shopping based on price alone as the industry is being heavily cloned and copies of products are often made without concern for the end user.

I've put together this website to bring you an overall quality of information and product. I hope it will be of use and I can help you along the way.

How Expensive is Vaping?

Mass produced disposables units aside, vaping is a drastically lower cost habit than smoking. Your ongoing costs will depend on the level at which you smoked in the past. A 10ml bottle of liquid, unless premium, would usually costs less than £4.00. That will usually cover the average vaper for the equivalent of 80 cigarettes, depending on your personal habits and the hardware in use, it's a good average figure. Some may find they use considerably more liquid, other considerably less. Either way, compare the costs to those of your average smoker, who spends around £7.00 per pack, per day - It won't take long at all to start reaping the financial benefits of vaping.

It is also worth pointing out that liquids are even cheaper when buying bigger bottles (although they will be outlawed when the TPD comes into full force in May 2017).
Once again I would urge you to consider your health over the money in your pocket. More expensive liquids with premium ingredients used alongside genuine, responsibly sourced hardware is likely (unsubstantiated and again my personal opinion only) to be the better and healthier option. The use of solvents and low quality parts in cheaper products and "cloned" hardware may in fact expose you to carcinogens.

Avoiding carcinogens and toxins is obviously one of the main reasons why we're looking into using ecigs in the first place!

How Do E-cigs Work?

There are three main components to all electronic cigarettes:
Clearomiser • Battery • E-Liquid / E-juice

There are already hundreds of variations on all the components, but I'll try to keep things simple for now.

You might purchase your components as part of a Starter Kit, which can mix brand names and devices together into bundles to make a working e-cigarette. Generally speaking, common hardware brands use industry standard connections and will function together with no issue. Try to purchase hardware with a clear branding and company names attached to them. The leaders in the field for safety and quality are "Kangertech", "Aspire" "Elaef" and "Innokin". You may begin to pick out favourites as you progress. If you have a friend who vapes, it's may be worth getting their opinion on your purchase.

Clearomisers (Tanks / Mouth Pieces)

The Clearomiser is the part which does the hard work. It usually contains an "Atomiser Head", which is basically a coil of heating wire, wound around a wick. When the coil receives power from the battery, it runs through the wire, which heats it and creates vapour from the nicotine fluid which has been soaked up by the wick. That's pretty much all there is to it.

At entry level I would personally suggest that the CE4 is a good place to start. They are great for those who just want to try the water.

Kangertech CE4 Clearomiser

Top filling.
Less messy.
Easy to view remaining liquid.
Low purchase price. Popular entry level choice.

Non replaceable atomiser head.
New CE4 may therefore be required every 3-4 weeks.

You can find CE4 Starter Kits with links to the individual components here.
If you're a little more confident with handling components, or if you've already owned a CE4, you might want to start looking at tanks with replaceable atomiser heads, such as the Kangertech EVOD or the Aspire CE5.

Kangertech EVOD

Hard wearing.
If treated well, will last a long time.
Replaceable Atomiser.
Low cost in the long run.
Bottom/Gravity fed.
Better vapour than CE4.
Better flavour the CE4.

Bottom Filling - therefore a little more messy to use.
More expensive initially.
I do sell other clearomisers. It is worth having a look around the site and you can always give me a ring or email me with any queries. Please find my info on the contact page.


Again, there are various types of battery on the market, varying in size, style, capacity and quality. Larger batteries which are square in shape will often be called MODs, based on them historically being made from modified devices of another nature, such as torches.

At entry level, I recommend you avoid the actual brand name "eGo". Batteries using an eGo thread are fine if reliably sourced, but real "eGo" batteries have been so heavily copied, cloned and distributed that they are no longer truly available in the UK without some serious homework.

The eGo/510 thread batteries sold with my entry and mid level starter kits are generally Kangertech 650mah Manual Batteries, as I find them to be good quality and soundly reliable.

Everyday batteries such as the manual 650s are charged via a USB Charger, supplied with starter kits and available seperately in the General Spares section. Once you start to look at bigger battery types such as MODs, different charging solutions are required.

As you browse through the various types of battery available, bear in mind that no matter which you choose, I recommend you always fully deplete your battery before fully recharging. This will help with the overall lifespan of the battery cell.


Which Liquids? Which flavours? Which strengths?

Buying liquids is not as risky as it might have been a few years ago. Your choice of brands may come down to personal taste, however for safety you should look out for the following:
All bottles produced and sold by responsible retailers within the UK should meet specific criteria. Nicotine is toxic and can be harmful if swallowed. In the UK it is a legal requirement for liquids to be sold with full hazard warning labels including a tactile warning triangle to warn blind people of their toxicity in accordance with EN ISO 11683.
All liquids supplied on this site are sold in accordance with the above factors and will be TPD compliant as we reach the May 2017 deadline.

Part of your choice may be influenced by the VG/PG Ratio of certain liquids.

PG is Propolyne Glycol.
PG is a common, man made substance which makes a slightly harsher vape, but it holds flavour far better than VG.
PG is always the more alarming sounding of the two base ingedients. You almost certainly come into contact with it every day, even if you don’t vape. It’s used in literally everything from pharmaceuticals to food and from cosmetics to anti-freeze (specifically the non toxic kind).
PG is technically an alcohol, since it contains two oxygen-hydrogen “hydroxyl” groups. It’s colourless, clear and near-odourless.

The worlds largest manufacturer of e-liquid is Hangsen. Their Liquids are produced both in china and in Europe using very large, very professional factory environments. They tend to use higher PG ratios, however buying concentrates of their flavours to use as DIY Liquids is always an option.
Higher PG liquids are generally thinner and might vape faster.

VG is Vegetable Glycerine (Vegetable Sugar Syrup).
VG is thicker and produces greater levels of smooth vapour.
It is also sweeter. It does not hold the mixed in flavour too well. One primary source for VG is the coconut and palm oil industry.

Liquids with higher VG levels include Mum’s Home Baked or Ultimate High VG, however once again Hangsen concentrates can be used with a High VG base. Higher VG liquids, being thicker, will require you to really soak your coils before vaping. Cotton coils are generally a better option.

Flavour is very much a personal factor. Try to be brave though! Avoiding tobacco flavours will help you move away from cigarettes. If you feel that you need a tobacco flavour as a safe platform, remember that you have the option of purchasing a tobacco flavour as well as any other flavour. You can then mix them together in any tank to create a blend that suits you. you can also purchase small mixing bottles to assist.

As a rough guide to strengths:
15-20+ per day smokers - 18mg
1-10 per day smokers - 6mg or 12mg
Casual Smokers - 6mg or please consider Nicotine Free

You can decide what to go for next based on your experience with the first bottle.

Remember, it can all be about trial and error. It may take a few attempts to find something that suits you as an "all day vape".

Please do ask if you require a full list of available liquids. I may need to some in for you, but I can make most available to you with no trouble at all.

Again, please use the info on the Contact Page.