Product name: Kangertech CE4

UK TPD Registration Number: 00030-16-20002

Tank Capacity: 1.6ml

Connection Type: Ego Thread
(As found on standard manual batteries)

Coil Fitted at purchase: N/A - CE4s are disposable

Compatible Coils: N/A - CE4s are disposable

Compatible Liquids:
CE4s use traditional wick, so they are best suited to liquids with a 50% or higher PG ratio.
You can find more information HERE

You can also check your liquid’s label.
PG/VG ratio will usually be shown as (for example):
PG/VG 70/30 (meaning a 70% PG)
PG 70 (meaning a 70% PG)
VG/PG 70/30 (meaning a 70% VG)
VG 70 (meaning a 70% VG)
There is no set UK standard for this

If you are unsure, please feel free to CONTACT ME

Examples of High PG Liquids:

Compatible Batteries: See below

General Information:
The CE4 is the starting point for just about every vaper around.

They are simple, disposable tanks which allow the first time user to gauge a number of things from their preferred strength and flavour to their favourite PG/VG mix.

If you're a first time vaper and you're not sure what any of this means, do always feel free to email me to grab some info. I'm always happy to help.

CE4 clearomisers are often regarded as unimportant in the vaping market, however I personally believe it's important to go for quality from the get go. Therefore, these CE4's are manufactured by Kangertech - one of the more technical and up to date manufacturers in the marketplace. They may well still be a disposable item which will either see you through your early days or help you well into the future, but they are a good quality version.

Hopefully each one will last you that little bit longer and serve you that little bit better.

CE4s are sold in packs of 5 random colours and can also be found in the starter kits and bundles section as a complete starter kit bundle with manual batteries and chargers Here.

They will fit any standard Ego thread battery, but as per the options in the starter kits section, they are probably best suited to Kangertech's Manual Batteries.