The Kangertech EMOW is a 1300mah Variable Voltage Battery,
but not variable in the traditional "twist" style. Click the button
five times for the usual on/off operation, but click three
times to switch between settings of 3.7, 4.2 & 4.8 Volts,
giving you the option of using different ohmage coils
for varying results. The 1300mah capacity should give
around 13 hours of normal use.

The unit is 9.9cm in length and has a 1.6cm diameter. The usual 510/eGo thread makes it usable with any standard tank such as an Kangertech EVOD, or the Aspire CE5.

I would recommend that you use an official Kangertech Charger. These can be purchased as an optional extra with your battery above or individually Here.

Your battery will come with a factory charge, so should be good to go upon receipt.
Usual rules apply - Always switch off between uses. Charge using a Kangertech Charger. Don't leave charging batteries unattended and remove charging batteries from the power source charging is complete.

As this is a lithium battery, you should fully discharge through use and fully recharge it for the first few times and avoid any partial charges. After this, the cell should be OK for part charges from time to time, but remember - a battery will always be happier and will live longer if it is habitually fully discharged and fully recharged.

Do let me know if you have any queries.