Product name: OCC Coils

UK TPD Registration Number: 00030-16-00008

Coil type: Sub Ohm Cotton Wick

Suitable Liquids: Liquids with a VG ratio of 60% or higher
If you are unsure, check your liquid’s label.

PG/VG ratio will usually be shown as (for example):
PG/VG 70/30 (meaning a 70% PG)
PG 70 (meaning a 70% PG)
VG/PG 70/30 (meaning a 70% VG)
VG 70 (meaning a 70% VG)
There is no set UK standard for this
If you are unsure, please feel free to CONTACT ME

Examples of High VG Liquids:
Mum's Home Baked
Ultimate High VG

Compatible Tanks: OCC COils are suitable for older subtank models, so they are fine if you are using the old style Subtank, Subtank Mini or Subtank Mega. Some still prefer these old style square-shaped coils, however updated versions are available. Please see SSOCC Coils. It is also worth noting that SSOCC coils are compatible with the entire subtank range including all the old models as well as the new. The OCC coils on this page are ONLY compatible with the older tanks as mentioned above.

Wattage ratings:
0.5ohm OCC Coils: 12W - 25W
All coils are 100% genuine and provided in original packaging with authenticity labels.

You might also consider Ceramic Coils as an alternative.


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